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Creative Director

Antwerp, Belgium

Studio Plankton.

Studio Plankton is an innovative animation studio focussing on merging creativity with new and existing technologies. In times where most of the world is making a digital shift, we are convinced that a high end and clear visual communication is essential. That's why we specialize in 3D visuals, 3D animation and Mixed Reality as well as in Motion Design in general. Our team includes Concept Artists, Graphic Designers, Motion Designers and 3D Developers, making it possible to work on Interactive 3D projects such as 3D Configurators, Interactive 3D Web Design and Phygital Installations.

We have a welcoming work environment with attention to each other's needs and concerns. Work should be rewarding on a professional and personal level, it should be fun and it should make you feel good. That's how we think about working and life in general.

Our office is situated in the south of Antwerp ('t Zuid). It is home to awesome restaurants and bars.

We are looking for a Creative Director

A Creative Director will oversee the creative process and will give guidance to the creative team together with the Motion Director. He/she will determine the creative vision of a project and the studio in general. He/she will be able to communicate this high end vision to the client. He/she is in constant sync with the Art Directors and the Motion Director. He/she keeps minds fresh and influences the entire design and motion team. He/she will make sure the studio has its own identity and stays recognizable.

In short, he/she...

  • Is the main responsible for overall Design & Storytelling
  • Leads and builds a top creative team
  • Hovers over shoulders
  • Plants little seeds of ideas
  • Comes up with creative concepts & stories for clients & Plankton
  • Takes conference calls with clients
  • Obtains the big picture

What do we expect?

  • You have at least 5 years of relevant experience in Creative Direction or in a similar role.
  • You speak Dutch & English fluently - French is always a plus
  • You work closely together with a team of Motion Designers, Project Managers and a Motion Director as well as our Art Directors
  • Experience in Video, Animation, VFX is a big plus
  • You are able to assist and develop briefings with clients

What's in it for you?

  • Mature motion studio with welcoming colleagues
  • Awesome office space in the middle of Antwerp
  • Opportunities to grow with the studio
  • Creative and open environment
  • Competitive salary package

You in?

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Studio Plankton

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Telephone: +32 3 283 88 12