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Project manager

Antwerp, Belgium

Studio Plankton.

Studio Plankton is an innovative animation studio focussing on merging creativity with new and existing technologies. In times where most of the world is making a digital shift, we are convinced that a high end and clear visual communication is essential. That's why we specialize in 3D visuals, 3D animation and Mixed Reality as well as in Motion Design in general. Our team includes Motion Artists and 3D Developers, making it possible to work on Interactive 3D projects such as 3D Configurators, Interactive 3D Web Design and Phygital / Digital installations.

We have a welcoming work environment with attention to each other's needs and concerns. Work should be rewarding on a professional and personal level, it should be fun and it should make you feel good. That's how we think about working and life in general.

PAKT is a hidden gem in Antwerp. A green spot in the middle of the city.
It is home to some really good restaurants and the best coffee bar and best taproom in town.

We are looking for a Project Manager.

We pride ourselves in working with some great clients, brands and partners on some amazing projects. Our aim is to deliver and make people happy. Happy customer, Happy Plankton. As Project Manager you will be the first point of contact with the customer and that's what gets you going.

What does a typical day look like for a PM at Plankton?

Well, we start off with a standup, so everybody knows what needs to be done by EOD. After that, it's huddle time. Together with the Creative Director, you pass by each project team to make sure they stay on track. The two of you are the team coaches who keep an eye on the bigger picture and pursue the highest standards.
Once everybody's ready to start creating, you're all set to multitask your ass off. Client meetings, debriefings, retrospectives, organising project folder structures, checking timesheets, guiding interns, creating website cases, updating Vimeo, and much more. You won't be bored!
By the end of the day, you check up on everything that needs to go out to our clients and you make them happy as hell.

What do we expect?

  • You have at least 2-3 years of relevant experience in Project Management (in video or animation is a plus)
  • You have a passion for clear communication
  • Start-up mentality (think and act!) is your thing
  • You understand the basics of marketing and digitalisation
  • The customer is your favourite person in the world
  • You have a natural interest in new technologies, new products and services
  • Let's at least speak Dutch and English, French is a huge plus
  • You're a team player, they can't do it without you and vice versa

What's in it for you?

  • Structured start up with mature mentality
  • Colleagues you want to hang out with after work
  • Awesome office space with a lot of plants (yes, everyone waters them)
  • Great rooftop terrace for lunch and meetings
  • Opportunities to grow with the team and company
  • You will definitely learn a lot
  • Competitive salary package

You in?

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Studio Plankton

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Telephone: +32 3 283 88 12