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Ressence - 3D Brand Movie

Photorealistic Interactive Visuals

Ressence has a different approach towards fine watchmaking compared to other watch manufacturers. That's one of the reasons why we've always been intrigued by their products. User experience and functionality play a big role in their creation process and they actually re-think the way they interact with watches. That’s why they asked us to show, in a user friendly but technical way, just how they create their masterpieces.

One of the special features of their product is that they fill the watch dial with oil. This way the glass stays crystal clear under water.

The challenge in this project was to show every technical detail correctly to highlight how fascinating and complex Ressence watches really are. Supported by a suitable and well-thought concept, we managed to bring everything together.

Watch the full animation below...

Besides the animation we created photorealistic interactive renders for the Ressence website so you can see how these state-of-the-art watches work and look. You can even try out the technology behind them. Next to these renders we integrated animated gifs and exploded views for that extra “Wow” effect.

"Wonderful work and smooth collaboration. Thank you again guys!" - Benoît Mintiens (Founder) & Gaëtan Gaye (International Brand Director).

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