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Lantis - Oosterweel History Animation

Oosterweel: A brief history until 2020

Lantis is the organization responsible for one of the largest construction projects in Europe: the Oosterweel link. The R1 around Antwerp will be closed, resulting in more sustainable mobility, fewer traffic congestion and accidents, and an improved quality of life in the Antwerp region.

This incredibly complex project involves a lot of people. Everybody deserves a clear explanation of how this project will be realized and why it took so long to complete the plans. That’s why Lantis asked us to make their communication more visual.

We collaborated with Whyte Corporate Affairs, a company specialized in corporate communications & public affairs. By organizing a workshop it became clear just how the Oosterweel plans have changed over the past 30 years. 

All the information was processed into a storyboard for one explainer about the history and three detailed animations.

By choosing for a scale model design, we made it easy for the audience to recognize key landmarks of Antwerp so they can understand exactly how the plans for the Oosterweel link have evolved.

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