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Partenamut - VFX

Visual Effects

Are you familiar with telephobia, the fear and avoidance of phone calls? Some people are. That's why we supported health service Partenamut to let their clients know that if cold sweat starts dripping every time you pick up your phone, there are always other ways to contact your insurance fund.  

Did you notice the slamming of the door in the beginning or the goldfish swimming in the water? 
Studio Plankton helped visualizing these aspects by using VFX. The visual effects made the video even more over-the-top and highlighted the absurdity. 

Many people and agencies contributed in making this video outstanding. Big thanks to:
Agency: Air Brussels
Prod. Co.: Fledge TV
Creative Partner: Diederik Jeangout
Executive Producer: Roeland Jeangout
Director: Arnaud Deroudilhe
CD: Air Creative Council
Sound Studio: Sonhouse
Casting Agency: De Profielen
Light: Spots Unlimited
Camera: Lucky Cameras
Grip: Ciné Qua Non
Location Materials: Boxrentals

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